WiX or Shopify for

Founded in 2006 WiX has steadily grown to be one of the top website builders in the market known primarily for it's slick looks, ease and flexibility without the need to know any code. Founded the same year, Shopify entered the online shopping market with the aim of becoming the number one e-commerce company, and let's be honest they've done a pretty good job.


In recent years WiX has stepped up it's game by improving it's e-commerce considerably and therefore become a rival to Shopify regarding online shopping and becoming mobile friendly. Shopify never intended to primarily be a website builder but as we know business requires a shop window to attract customers in order to spend, so it's become inevitable that a website that offers easy online shopping is in top demand.

Wix Vs Shopify chart.jpg
Sign up

Shopify offer a free two week trial and three paid for plans to choose from following this.


WiX offers a completely free plan at sign up which is really useful to familiarise yourself with the platform, but not for e-commerce. 


Shopify plans start from £22 p/m but can rise quickly with the use of third party apps depending what your business needs are. Two other plans are priced at £60p/m + £222p/m (these are more suited for larger global companies, such as better transaction fees, multilingual sites and more detailed reports).


WiX Start from £16p/m for full e-commerce features, £22p/m for VIP plan which offers faster support and other perks. Be mindful though as just like Shopify, paying for third party apps can soon add up.

Ease of use

Shopify can appear long to get set-up, but once up and running then help and support is comprehensive with good back end analytics (ie. inventory features).


WiX is very easy to use and free to start to playing around with some nice 'mouse hover' help to guide you as you build. Be careful though as you can literally drag and drop almost anywhere on pages which may lead to accidental error's when aiming to make pages uniform.

Themes & Templates

Shopify offers very little free themes and when choosing at £135 per theme it's not cheap but customisation is good and you can change theme at anytime.


WiX there are many free themes to choose from (but not all suited for e-commerce) but keep in mind you cannot change design once your up and running.


As you'd expect Shopify are strong here for boosting the shoppers experience, with plenty of e-commerce focused apps to choose from.


WiX has a good range of apps to help ease and improve the users experience. If your business is purely for retail (FMCG) then Shopify probably edges it here.


You won't get to test these out in Shopify's trial or in the WiX free entry plan but both offer Google Analytics. 

Shopify can offer added insight into customer behaviour, stock levels and conversion tracking.

SEO & Marketing

Shopify links seamlessly with social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, while also having links to Amazon and eBay with a good amount of control over your customer. Shopify do often rely on third party apps which can add expense and become admin messy. 


WiX will also connect you to Facebook and Instagram. For SEO WiX has strong suggested support and best practice features which is really useful for beginners. Blogging is stronger with WiX and everything is tidily kept under one roof as it's all stored under one WiX Login.

Payment Options

Shopify offer plenty of payment options but they do come with transaction fees (unless it's through Shopify). Services include PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.


WiX are more limited regarding choice of payment services ie. Apple pay and Google Pay is not supported yet BUT they do not charge transaction fees which is a big plus.


Both offer tax setting options which is really useful when shipping globally.


Shopify does offer currency options although not easy to implement.

Shipping Options

Shopify and WiX both offer drop ship, weight based pricing, print and buy labels. Real time shipping is available by both BUT WiX only offer this in the America's currently. 


Shopify does seem to have more options for drop shipping and appear to be more fluid than WiX who rely on a third party app Modalyst.


Both WiX and Shopify support the abandoned cart feature.

Security & SSL

Both Shopify and WiX are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.


Shopify offer the full works of support. 24/7 support either by phone, email or live chat support.


WiX offer a call back service within business hours and automated live chat. They do have a useful forum for Q&A and an inbuilt editor system that's really useful when hovering your mouse on question marks around your site and more video support than Shopify.


Digital Bridger's conclusion here is WiX and Shopify are so evenly matched it really comes down to what business your in, and hopefully the summary chart above can help you decide.


If you are a specialist in a certain industry not looking to sell much online then Shopify may not be the right fit and WiX would be more suitable to show off your brand and skills online.


Shopify would be the perfect fit for those looking to sell high volume low cost goods. If you are that client where image is not too important and it's where your product sells itself, in need of quick turnarounds, flexible payment and efficient shipping then Shopify will suit you more.