Digital Bridger

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At Digital Bridger, we help bridge the gaps between your business and a complex, ever changing digital world. We empower your business with bespoke marketing strategies and latest technology to achieve truly impressive results.


Our agency focuses on your growth and helps you design an effective marketing and sales funnel that can find, engage and keep customers. By implementing proven scientific tools to drive effective content and campaigns, our work resonates in actual revenue, building an efficient process that creates sustained growth. 


Digital Bridger is an integrated marketing agency, based in the Kingston borough of Greater London. Creating digital strategy and managing all aspects of delivery, we can turn your ideas into tangible results. Whether you need help with Inbound Marketing, Web Development, Video & Animation and SEO & Paid Social, we’ve got you covered.

The Head Bridger


Mark Collins

A B2B marketing and sales technology expert, content creator and digital enthusiast. I focus on delivering digital marketing strategies to companies who are ambitious to grow and desperate for making a change. 


I help clients implement new technology into their workflow and streamline the business to achieve new heights. I am also a visual storyteller, equipped with web design, video and animation production skills. My passion lies in the collaboration of marketing and sales how business takes an idea, finds an audience and drives new revenue streams.


Having worked with both small and large corporate businesses across the creative, marketing, IT and retail sectors, I've learnt how important growth, process and adaptation to change is with my clients. I am proud to have been part of their journey over the years. Tesco, WHSmith, Velocity Partners and Intro Partnership to name a few.  

"Having spent the last 20 years immersed in the fast growing digital age, I deeply believe it has become clear that business must be in this digital arena now in order to grow, or simply get left behind.”

A Growing Team


A vibrant, tight-knit and fast growing team of professionals gather at Digital Bridger with expertise in the latest digital marketing. We understand our clients look for value and return on investment above anything else, and this is at the heart of what drives us to start this business. Our team is fresh with ideas and eager to please.

Our Head Marketing Bridger specialises in storytelling and growth marketing campaigns with over 12 years experience in journalism, Public Relations and 360 marketing campaigns. Her strongest attribute is to deliver appealing content of complex products/services. With extensive knowledge in economics and B2B/B2C products, she shapes growth strategies for property and tech clients in expanding their distribution channels and growing HNW individuals networks.

The wider team varies from copyrighting, website design, animation to high-end video production talents. Our network of skills all share the same desire to be one step ahead of the game, taking advantage of new technologies in the ever changing digital world.